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Can you hold the meat on the meat lovers’ pizza and other frequently asked questions...

Yep, people ask all sorts of questions — it’s all part of the fun. But in all seriousness, you’ll find our most commonly asked questions below. And if you can’t see your question answered, give us a call — we’ll be happy to help.

We cater to all events in the greater Perth region, including engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties, school graduations, baby showers, Melbourne Cup parties, corporate functions and many other professional events in Perth.

Yes, we can cater to almost all dietary restrictions and allergies. We cater for gluten-intolerant people, but please note that we can’t cater for guests who are highly allergic —due to potential cross-contamination. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions for those requests beforehand so that we can accommodate your needs.

We provide pizza catering throughout Perth and the surrounding suburbs. And, depending on the event, we can travel to you if you’re out of town. For example, sometoimes we cater in Buckland, Harvey, Lancelin and Margaret River.

Please confirm your number of guests one week before your catering event. This allows us to make the necessary arrangements and order the right amount of food. To find out what’s involved in hiring our services, see our page on ‘How it Works’.

If your number of guests is higher, please let us know as soon as possible. If we arrive at the catering event with more guests than what was confirmed, we can only serve the number of guests confirmed a week prior.

Yes, a taste testing is possible. Almost each week we serve pizzas at public events in Perth which you can attend for taste testing. If you would like to come and test our catering food, please get in touch with us or follow our Base WF Pizza Facebook page for more information. 

Once your catering event is done, any leftover food is for your consumption. 

No, there is no need. When providing our pizza catering service in Perth, we bring disposable napkins and wooden boards onto which the pizzas are placed and cut into slices.

We follow a strict COVID Safety plan and operate to the highest level of FoodSafe requirements.

Yes, the minimum amount of people we cater for is 40. 

We arrive at your event one hour beforehand to heat the oven. Then, we stay for 2 to 3 hours and leave once all the pizzas have been cooked and served

During a typical food catering event in Perth, we provide you with wait staff to serve the pizzas. If you require additional staff, we can happily provide this service for an extra fee.

Our oven doesn’t need any external power source so we can offer our pizza catering service anywhere, even in the remotest areas without electricity.

We don’t have a maximum limit for our pizza catering services. We can make 120 pizzas per hour and serve as many pizzas as you and your guests desire.

Yes. Base WF Pizza is happy to offer our Perth pizza catering service to any Perth corporate catering event. For example, we cater for office parties, meetings, conferences, expos, forums, seminars, team building and more.

Fortunately, our oven doesn’t need much space. Provided we have an area of 5 x 5 m, we’re good to go!

You can secure our wood-fired pizza truck booking of your catering event by paying a deposit. The deposit is around 20% of the final catering costs.