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Wood fired pizza - because food lovers like it

If you are hosting an event, there are many things to plan and do. Organising the right catering Perth service should be one of your least worries. We offer only authentic wood fired Italian pizzas with one of our 2 mobile pizza ovens right in front of your guests. To deliver you the best catering service, we make it as easy, quick and comfortable as possible. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also find here some of the most asked questions when it comes to pizza catering with Base WF Pizza. 

What types of event do you cater for?

We cater to all events in the greater Perth region including engagement parties, weddings, birthday parties, school graduation, baby shower, Melbourne Cup parties, corporate functions and many other professional events. Have a look at our catering page to see other types of catering events we do.

Can you cater to food allergies and requirements?

Yes, we can cater to almost all dietary restrictions and allergies. We can cater for gluten intolerant people, but not guests who are highly allergic due to a potential cross-contamination. Please inform us beforehand so that we can accommodate your needs.

Do you cater to all of Western Australia?

We can provide pizza catering to most Perth and surrounding suburbs. Give us a call or use your contact form to check if we can provide catering services to your preferred location.

How soon must I give the final numbers of guests?

The number of guests have to be confirmed 1 week before your catering event. This allows us to make the necessary arrangement and order the right amount of food.

What if I have more guests?

If the number of guests is higher, we kindly ask you to inform us as soon as possible. If we arrive at the catering event with more guests without prior notice, we will only be able to serve for the number of guests that has been confirmed 1 week prior to the event. 

Can we arrange a taste testing?

Yes, a taste testing is possible. Almost each week we serve pizzas at public events which you can attend for a taste testing. If you would like to come and test our catering food, please get in touch with us or follow our Facebook page for more information. 

What happens to any leftovers from my event?

Once your catering event is done, any leftover food is for your consumption. 

Do you provide us with supplies that we need to serve and eat at the event?

When providing our pizza catering service, we bring disposable napkins and wooden boards onto which the pizzas are placed and cut into slices.

What hygiene practises do you follow?

We follow a strict COVID Safety plan and operate to the highest level of FoodSafe requirements. 

Do you have a minimum amount of people you cater for?

Yes, the minimum amount of people we cater for is 50. 

How long do you spend at an event?

We arrive at the event 1 hour prior to heat up the oven and we leave the catering event once all the pizzas have been cooked. 

Do you provide serving staff?

During a typical catering event we provide you with 1 staff to serve the pizzas. If you require additional staff we can provide you this for an additional fee. 

We do not have any power available, are you still able to cater?

Our oven doesn’t need any external power source. Therefore we are able to offer our pizza catering service anywhere, even in the remotest area.

How many pizzas can you make for the event?

We do not have a maximum limit for our pizza catering. We serve as many pizzas as you and your guests like to have.

Will you cater for corporate functions?

Yes! Base WF Pizza is a pizza catering Perth service providing the best pizza for you on any corporate catering event. This can be an office party food catering in Perth, meetings, conferences, expos, forum or more. 

How much space does your equipment need?

Our oven does not need that much space. An area of 5 x 5 m is all that it required. 

How do I secure the booking?

You can secure the booking of your catering event through the payment of a deposit. The deposit is around 20% of the final catering costs.